ProPerla® Paving Impregnator is a water based solution, designed with the latest nanotechnology. It can be used on all mineral surfaces, such as concrete slabs, paving stones, terraces and many more. ProPerla® Paving Impregnator has a special chemical composition that reacts with minerals and bonds to mineral building materials like concrete, clay, etc. It protects surfaces against rain, dirt, green growth, pollution, oil and many more.

Recommended for: the treatment of concrete, clay, terracotta, etc.
it can be applied directly on surfaces not older than one year. Older surfaces need to be cleaned prior to apply the impregnation. Strongly faded or surfaces covered with algae and moss must be cleaned previously with ProPerla® CLEANER and then rinsed off.

Preparation: The surface needs to be dry, clean and free from contamination.
Application: Use low-pressure pump, sprayer, brush or roller. A minimum temperature of 5 °C is needed.
Recommendation: Always make a test application to ensure the compatibility of product and surface.
Coverage rate: 100-200 ml per m2 depending on surface porosity
Equipment care: Cleaned up in water directly after use.
Storage: Store dry and frost-free. Keep out of reach of children.

Shelf life: 24 months (in original sealed container).
Packing sizes: Can 25 litres.
Colour: Colourless when applied.
Thinning: Undiluted.
Drying time: Approx. 1 hour at 20° C and 60% RH.

Properties and Advantages:

Based on the latest technology.

Scientifically engineered to protect mineral surfaces by active binding.

Minimizes stain adherence.

Extremely water repellent and self-cleaning.

Obstructs discoloration

Minimizes salt efflorescence

Reduces green growth.

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